Summit Sports


Summit Sports was founded in 2021 as a collaboration between people passionate about bringing competitive recreational sports to the community.  Our focus is on providing game play at the best facilities, with certified officials, high energy game play and convenient customer service. 


Summit has partnered with the local chapter of the Ontario Volleyball Association officials to provide sanctioned officials at each game.  Summit Volleyball plays by OVA rules, as found here, particularly referring to game play in Chapters 3 and 4: OVA Rules of Play.  There are no additional fees for officials. 


Net Heights are as follows:


Men's 243cm

Women's 224cm

Coed 243cm



COVID Safe Play Guidelines



Summit is committed to complying with Ontario's COVID Roadmap to Re-Opening, as well as the local public health unit requirements, to ensure the safety of our members, staff and facility providers at all times. 


Please BE KIND & RESPECTFUL, always, to other members & staff when playing with us. Everyone has had a different experience with COVID and we need to be considerate of others’ realities. Summit’s mandatory COVID-19 protocols were established to ensure everyone’s safety. A zero-tolerance policy remains in place for those who fail to follow the rules. 


Players must:


  • Read and follow the posted COVID Safe Play guidelines.
  • Respect and follow all posted signage at the facility including those related to self-screening, sanitation, prohibited items & actions, and traffic flow.




Should it be necessary, Summit will pause or cancel play for a class, league or pool if required to comply with changing requirements or restrictions. 


**Summit reserves the right to change/update these guidelines as necessary, to ensure that we are in compliance with all government and local health authority rules and recommendations.**