Sport Rules

The rules for all Summit leagues can be found on this page. Please click on the sports below to view the rules for each sport. 


Officials at all sports will outline any facility or league specific rule changes prior to games with captains.


Substitutes: Subsitute players are always welcome to help fill out your roster.  Any subs must sign the waiver (digital links to the waiver are available in the gym).  Players can only play on one team per night of league play - if you need to borrow a player from another team to be able to play, your game will be considered a loss (but not a forfeit which is worse in the standings, so grab another player to save the game) unless both captains agree the game will count as usual BEFORE the game begins. Minimum players to have a game count in the standings are four for court volleyball, five for basketball and two for beach volleyball. 
Flag Football: We play by The Football Canada Amateur Rule Book Flag Football 5v5 rules with some minor adjustments.


5V5 Basketball: We play by the official FIBA Basketball rules with some minor adjustments.  Each game is two halves, first half 25 minutes run time, second half 20 minutes run time, with stop time for the final two minutes. Each team has 3 timeouts per game total and timeouts must be called on a stoppage in play or with possession from ON the court. 

The three point line is the INSIDE arc at the gyms we use. Five personal fouls and you are out, the 7th team foul is bonus. 

Visible piercings and jewellery are not permitted during league play as per local officials requirements.  Taping jewellery is not an acceptable alternative.  Headbands must be one piece of fabric - no knots that can be a safety risk. 


Volleyball: We play by Volleyball Canada Official rules with some minor adjustments. The major differences are a ball touching the ceiling is a dead ball.  And some of our courts allow a step in to serve because of how close the wall is.  All matches are three sets to 25 points, with a cap at 27 points.

GHOST RULE - If a team is a short a player they will have a 'ghost' - when that position in the rotation goes up to serve they automatically lose that point and the serve returns to the other team.  At any point in the game the team can add a 6th player to the court when they arrive. 


Beach Volleyball: We play by FIVB Official rules with some minor adjustments. Matches are three sets each to 21, win by two with no cap.


Beach Rules of note: 


Well the new FIVB rules do allow overhand open touches (volleys) on first touch in some instances - we do not allow volleys on the first touch at all - deciding if it is a clean volley leads to too much disagreement.



13.2.3 A player completes an attack-hit using an open-handed finger action or if using finger tips that are not rigid and together.

13.2.5 A player completes an attack-hit using an overhand pass which has a trajectory not perpendicular to the line of the shoulders. The exception is when the player is attempting to set to his or her teammate.

In other words -  Open hand tipping is not allowed, nor is 'volley-ing' the ball over the net without shoulders facing the direction it's being played, except if it is a set that drifts over the net.


14.4.1 A blocking contact is counted as a team hit. The blocking team will have only two more hits after a blocking contact.

14.4.2 The first hit after the block may be executed by any player, including the one who has touched the ball during the block.



Playoff format notes are posted on your schedule for playoff dates.

Playoff schedules will be released the day after your last season game.

Seeding is based on overall wins, set wins, then head to head for volleyball.

Seeding is based on overall wins, head to head, then points scored for basketball.



Any players playing in a playoff game must have played at least two regular season league nights (4 Matches for Volleyball) and be on your roster.

Game Hosts cannot substitute for your team during playoff weeks.

Players can only play on one team in a playoff  - you cannot subsitute for a second team.

If you cannot field a full roster for a playoff game - you are encouraged to bring subs and use the Game Host to make sure everyone gets to play, but the game will be considered a loss and the other team will advance.


Playoffs - Volleyball: 

Each match is a best of three sets.  First two sets to 25 points, cap at 27. If necessary the third set will go to 15. No Cap on the third set.


Playoffs - Basketball:

If a playoff game is tied after regulation, there will immediately be a two minute stop time overtime.